Breaking 1 Of These 5 Bones May Mean You Have Osteoporosis

Have you ever broken a bone and thought to yourself, “Anyone would have broken a bone if they fell as hard as I did, my bones are just fine!”

This is a dangerous assumption with potentially catastrophic consequences if you end up being wrong!

Now in some cases, you may actually be right. If you fell off a ladder, fell off a building, fell off your bike, your parachute didn’t open… You get the point. In each of these scenarios, a broken bone could happen to anyone because a significant force was involved. However, a fall from a STANDING HEIGHT or at a WALKING SPEED is far less likely to lead to a broken bone in someone with healthy, strong bones. Even if you fell directly onto that bone on the hardest concrete, your bones should hold up if you do not have osteoporosis.

Not all bones are equally vulnerable to the weakening effects of osteoporosis. While those with osteoporosis have an increased risk of breaking ALL of their bones, these 5 are the most susceptible. If you break one of these 5 bones during a fall from a standing height, you just can’t afford to ignore it. Ask your medical provider to be screened for osteoporosis and take the steps necessary to improve your bone health!

Hip Fractures

Spine (Compression) Fractures

Pelvic Fractures

Wrist Fractures

Shoulder Fractures