Book: The Clinician’s Guide to Diagnosis and Management



Osteoporosis is a prevalent medical condition characterized by decreased bone mineral density and increased fracture risk. While there is no cure for osteoporosis, proper identification and management of the disease reduces the incidence of fragility fractures and the associated patient morbidity and mortality. This text provides medical professionals and well informed patients with the latest treatment guidelines from respected medical organizations. The information is presented in a format that allows for rapid reference and easy identification of critical information. Within this text you will explore an evidence based approach regarding…

  • How to identify which patients require screening for osteoporosis
  • How to thoroughly screen for osteoporosis and assess fracture risk
  • How to identify and manage secondary causes of osteoporosis
  • Treatment algorithms for managing osteoporosis in multiple patient populations
  • A thorough review of available treatment options
  • An overview of fragility fracture evaluation, diagnosis, classification, and care
  • A sample patient questionnaire to identify risk factors for fracture and secondary osteoporosis
  • A patient handout summarizing non-pharmaceutical treatment options for osteoporosis

Following completion of this text, the clinician will be armed with the necessary information to manage the complexities of osteoporosis care.

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